Portrait Session #1

I got some new gear... a light and octobox that I needed to figure out. I called a family of 6 to help out... and I called my bro. The results came out pretty great, at least I think they did! Here are a handful:


#finnandpiper - Of course finn had to get in on the action.

This photo perfectly summed up the entire session. 



I just want to say my bro is HANDSOME!

And of course.... Finn had to get in on the action.

Cheslen Preserve

This morning Finn and I met up with my friend Melinda and her two dogs, Nash and Delgado. I don't know why we haven't hiked here before. It was beautiful. Finn did such a great job hiking and the leaves on the trail were amazing. And I swear, the best color to wear in the fall woods is teal blue!

Longwood Gardens

On Tuesday the boys had off school. We decided that since the weather was so incredible, we should head to one of our favorite spots. I wanted to try and take the boys portraits, but you can only imagine how that went. We'll have to keep trying :)

Halloween 2015

Halloween is awesome. We get a chance to dress our kids up and reap the reward of candy, candy I didn't have to buy. We had such a great time this year. Both boys are now old enough to fly thru the neighborhood without dragging them by their little hands. In fact, I was constantly yelling at them to wait! We have a yearly tradition of trick or treating with our friends, and this year did not disappoint! Good soup, homemade mac and cheese, hot wings..... apple cider.... we had an awesome evening.