Denver 2015 - Lake Isabelle

Yesterday I got up early and went on a nice 7mi hike with my bro and his friend Eric. We had a blast and went further into Lake Isabelle than I've ever been before. Brian and the boys stayed in Denver and hung out at lower elevation (5,000ft). 

The hike was amazing. We had perfect weather; started off nice and cool and warmed up nicely with the sun coming up. There was just 1 spot left in the the upper parking lot which allowed us to park right at the trail head, saving us another half mile walk down to a lower lot (we would thank that one spot over and over at the end of our hike). 

The sun was rising beautifully over the mountains and Long Lake. By the time we reached Lake Isabelle it was just 9am or so. We decided to keep going around the drained lake and look for better views and for some waterfalls from the glacier above. Yes, around late July, early August, "they" drain the lake. There is a giant plug in the middle, and they just pull it. 

Just kidding.... seriously, I have no idea how "they" drain a lake, but I'm guessing it's in preparation for winter snow and then spring melt. If anyone can enlighten me.....

Oh, and it seriously hailed the last half mile back to the car. Yep, good ole' hail. No raincoat.

For scale purpose, I just wanted to show how tiny Eric is against this mountain backdrop. I just cropped the shot on the left so you could actually see that he really is there!

Denver 2015 - Week 1

We arrived in Denver last Saturday and I can't believe that we have been here a week already! This trip started off with a few hiccups; I forgot my glasses - totally blind without them (thankfully a friend mailed them to me), then O's glasses flew off while riding a roller coaster, traveled to Snowmass and Finn had altitude sickness for two days (fever & throwing up), and then O had altitude issues (to put it mildly) yesterday. So..... we are praying that our last week here will be uneventful and fun. Here are some photos that I was able to capture in between all of our drama. 



MAROON BELLS, ASPEN - ELEV. 9,000-10,076ft


Bird Dog Beginnings

This a start to new mornings. Griff is quickly outgrowing our backyard snow paths, so this morning we drove to a short path not far from our house. I drive past this path just about every day wondering where it leads. I was a bit disappointed to find that it was so short and that it backs up to O's school, but then pleasantly surprised to find that there is a large field where we can do future training on.... at least once this mother load of snow melts!


I have to say, being woken at 6:30am by a dog whining to go out wasn't really what I had anticipated **yes, I'm naive**, and I also wasn't expecting to really enjoy our time. The sunrise was beautifully warm thru the crisp air and watching Griff tune in to new smells and bird sounds is quite fascinating. I'm actually looking forward to tomorrow mornings walk.


Meet Griff

So this happened a few weeks ago. Meet Griff. He is a Wired Haired Pointing Griffon, and you have to say Griffon with a Frenchie type of accent, holding out the 'on' part. He has graced the internets of Instagram, but has yet to make an appearance here. This guy has already gotten bigger these past two weeks and has caught on quickly to house training and knows 1 command. SIT! Of course, "SIT" means that he gets fed. He is smart and very playful, stealing gloves and mittens that are drying by the wood stove, or the boots by the front door. He is especially into my Sorel boots with the nice fur on top - now it looks like wet matted cat hair. Speaking of cats, there still is Mooch, our resident barn cat, turned house cat, turned 'kicked-out-of-the-house-cause-the-dog-cost-more' cat, but now it's cold again cat, so he's a 'in-the-house-at-night' cat.... they tend to stare a lot at each other, with Mooch hissing and Griff trying to bound towards him. Griff is definitely in the nippy stage, getting the boys behind the arms right in the tender spot. I am really working with the boys on playing quietly with Griff, teaching him games of fetch more than the typical, fun games of tug 'o' war. Its tough. I do admit, day three I was ready to call the breeder and send him back! Its like having a toddler who is into EVERYTHING! My boys weren't really that exploratory, so with Griff, I'm constantly following behind him 'No, dont chew that.... No, not the controller..... No, drop, drop, drop, drop, DROP..... DROOOOOOPPPPPP.... Geeze, don't eat that....' and on and on and on, including any and every type of grunt and guttural sound I can muster to get him to stop whatever he is doing. I definitely get tired of my own voice and welcome the moments I can grab when he is sleeping. We have learned quickly though that a tired puppy is a happy momma