3 years

its been an amazing three years. i still think back to our wedding and what an amazing weekend that was. the courtyard was incredible, the food was so great, the weather was amazing, and the company was perfect. i dont think it could have been any better. and i still cant believe that our friends drove 22 hrs to meet us in new orleans.

brian and i had such a great time showing our friends around our favorite city. in 2000 i lived down there with my aunt and uncle over the summer. i grew to love the city and the people. summer, june 2003, we were engaged in City Park, under a huge oak tree. that weekend we searched all through the quarter looking for a private courtyard to have our wedding. we found the Princess Monaco.

we have only been back to new orleans once since our wedding. after katrina hit we were told not to come to the city until at least next year. we hear that it has changed so much and it's not the same city that we grew to love. but we honestly do know what it means to miss new orleans.