5 months 1 week

Dear Finn,

so i was reading past posts and have realized just how much you are the second child. i'm sorry son, but we are a busy family and you've just been along for the ride. its true, i hardly take any photos of you during the day, and when i do get around to it, they are from my phone. i just havent had the gusto to pull out the big camera and sit down and take photos of you, let alone edit them and then post/write. but, that is going to change. i promise. starting tomorrow, or thursday. guess i should charge that sucker up.

i really do love that we documented O's first year the way we did, and i'm regretting not doing that so carefully with Finn. so.... dear finn, in your world lately:

you roll over. at 5 months, just last week, you rolled over for the first time in front of GG. i was so excited that she was able to experience that with us. it's just back to front, and you get pretty upset that you get stuck, but i'm sure that in a few weeks you will have it down.

you eat baby food. honestly i'm kinda excited that you have started on solids. hopefully it will mean longer naps during the day. you're eating bananas, apples, pears, sweet potatoes, and peas. i just pulled out owen's little seat for you and even though you slump a little, it's easier than mr. fluffy bunny chair, who's ears are permanently stained orange.

so i'm not really sure how much you weigh right now, but i'm guessing it's about 16/17lbs. my right arm is jacked from carrying you and your large car seat, and i really cant wait till you move into the regular car seat. i think i'll switch out when you start sitting up. my back cant take having to lean so far into the car to get you in and out.

i was just saying to your daddy the other day how i cant believe how quickly these past few months have gone by. you are such a joy to have around and are constantly smiling and laughing. you love your brother and are so much happier when he is around, and so am i, he entertains you and checks on you all the time. his favorite thing is to growl at you, which i'm pretty sure you love. God blessed us incredibly with you and i could'nt imagine our little family without you.