5.5YO + 10MO = wild things

my little wild things. busyness is an all too familiar word, or a state of being in this household. in fact, our lives consist of whirlwinds and kamikaze dive bombs all day long. there is little time to reflect, as i did with firstborn, but there are twice as many kisses, twice as many hugs to give and receive.

my littlest is cruising to his own rhythm around table and chairs, beating on them with gusto. he has officially mastered crawling regular, though his army maneuvers are by far much faster. traveling up the stairs is quite an adventure, and coming down would look like a perfect high dive. he is changing quickly and i need to keep up.

firstborn is slowly becoming a kid, no longer a preschooler. kindergarten is approaching too quick. i want him to read, he wants to play outside. i will admit, i have a list in my head of the things i'd like him to accomplish before the summer is out. i'm throwing my list to the wind. we are going to enjoy the freedom that the summer brings and go at our own pace. whether it is fast or slow. to soak up the moments and live in the 'now'.