Water Water

Last week, when the day was a bit too brisk to be outside, I packed up the boys and meet a few friends at Longwood. It has quickly once again reigned as one of our top destinations. Owen is completely content as long as he has a buddy to be with. He is now old enough to wander and explore the children's garden without me being close behind him making sure he's not climbing all over things. Finn on the other hand is on the move!

He has finally figured out that the water is there for his enjoyment, and I need to get back on the page of bringing a change of clothes, complete with socks and shoes. Its quite a frigid walk back to the car in wet duds. I still feel like I'm figuring this whole thing out again, having a 1.5YO now. In the past I clearly remember being on top of things, like having snacks, sippy cup, extra clothes... not to mention diapers, oh and wipes! You know it's bad when your hubby takes the boys and specifically asks if there are wipes in the bag!