Back in PA

Well, its been two months and after a long hiatus on this blog (lack of creativity, as well as moving a family back across the country), we are back! Back to real life in PA, back to the crazy humidity, back to figuring out where we fit in.... but most importantly back to the people that love us.


We left  Denver the end of June and headed north through Mt. Rushmore and Badlands National Park, both amazing sights. I was really surprised by Mt.Rushmore with it's lodge-pole pines and sparse under brush, with huge boulders rising up as if giants had thrown them, scattered everywhere. In contrast, Badlands was completely sparse and desert like.... and HOT. Crazy hot!

We ended up in MI 3 days later and visited with my grandparents for 3 days. It was wonderful and the boys always have a blast in their great backyard. But now we have been home for almost 3 weeks and are just about settled in. We are back to Wednesday night Date Nights, a true rarity in CO for lack of babysitters. Also getting back to our home church has been amazing too, we really missed our community there. Just about every night we've either hosted or have been hosted at friends homes or gone out..... it's been great catching up!

On the creative side, I've felt quiet, if that makes sense. I guess the amazing thing about living in CO are the incredible sceneries.... it's hard to find a substitute for it. I know that I cant rightly compare CO and PA, it's not fair. So, I am looking for the little things in life that bring the soul filling feeling that the mountains brought to us. So while I am searching I am fully intending on bringing out the "big camera" instead of just the phone.