barack obama in downingtown

Driving through town today we were surprised to see a big "change we can believe in" sign posted on the fence next to the train station. A crowd had begun gathering around a small wooden podium in the septa parking lot. When we got home Owen was ready for nap, so Lindsay stayed at the house while I walked down to the train station - only a block away. George met me there, and after signing in and passing through metal detectors, we joined the gathering crowd. About an hour later a train rolled in, and we watched as the press corps disembarked, followed by Barack Obama -- who emerged from an old-fashioned passenger car at the end of the train. Barack waved to the cheering crowd as he walked down the steps to the podium. He commented on the beauty of the hills in front of him (i never noticed, but there really is a beautiful view from the D-town train station) and then launched into a good old-fashioned small-town campaign speech. It was actually very exciting to be part of this -- democracy in action!