Bird Dog Beginnings

This a start to new mornings. Griff is quickly outgrowing our backyard snow paths, so this morning we drove to a short path not far from our house. I drive past this path just about every day wondering where it leads. I was a bit disappointed to find that it was so short and that it backs up to O's school, but then pleasantly surprised to find that there is a large field where we can do future training on.... at least once this mother load of snow melts!


I have to say, being woken at 6:30am by a dog whining to go out wasn't really what I had anticipated **yes, I'm naive**, and I also wasn't expecting to really enjoy our time. The sunrise was beautifully warm thru the crisp air and watching Griff tune in to new smells and bird sounds is quite fascinating. I'm actually looking forward to tomorrow mornings walk.