blessed this christmas

Isn't she beautiful. Less than 5 weeks until we meet the little guy and it looks like it'll be at least that long until Lindsay can wear her new green jacket. Oh well, i tried. Christmas was fun today. Breakfast and lunch with mom and dad C, Tyler, Mer and George, then it was over to Joel and Beth's for dinner with the Morse / Brigham / McIntire / Boyles clan, and finally the perfect end to a great day -- dessert, coffee and laughs at the Uhlers. Christmas trees disappeared beneath mountains of gifts. Delicious food was served and gobbled right up.

This year we all had fun passing around the newest member of the family, little Jackson (or "Jack" as his uncle Brian likes to call him), born to Beth and Joel on Sept 25. Next year should be a trip -- two little one-year-old boys to chase around. I can't wait.

This Christmas eve Linds and I broke from tradition and spent the evening alone together at the apartment. Although a big huge part of me really missed wine and cheese with the Mayers or card games around the table in Michigan with Meme and Ken, it was nice to just sit back with my best friend, wrap gifts and watch a movie. I am so blessed. Merry Christmas everyone.