bubba gump

it has been an amazing weekend. aunt charlotte and uncle coe came up from new olreans for a visit to see the little guy. you could tell that they love him so much. brian and i have had a great time sharing owen with our loved ones. today we enjoyed great gumbo and jumbo shrimp straight from the south. we heard tales of katrina and the recovery that is still going on down there. crazy to think that charlotte and coe still dont have a telephone line, or that public schools are not open, or that in city park the art museum had to close and lay off all their workers cause they didnt have any funding anymore. when i hear stories of the city i love so much, it makes me sad to think that the next time we visit will be so different.


gosh he is so cute! his cheeks sure have gotten big though.... hahaha. i feel so blessed that i get to look at him all day long. it wont be long till he really starts smiling at us, instead of cracking one when he passes gas. i can see the smile in his eyes though, and that is just as sweet. let me tell you though, his gas doesnt smell sweet!