so this morning, before owen was stirring, i was sitting in bed surfing the web and found the absolute, most incredible, amazing, beyond belief deal. as you know, i would love to upgrade our camera gear and i found this:$289, savings of $3,304 unbelievable! i knew it was an error, but once in my life i was going to jump on it. so i ordered it, really quick, i added on a 5yr warranty for $120 (typically $500) and also 2 day shipping, just for good measure. i got my confirmation number. i was set. then an hour later i saw this:
yep... i knew it! they left out a 9 at the end! obviously my order prompted some quick action by fotoconnection. i would have hoped that i would have received a phone call or at least an email apologizing and thanking me for finding their error... and i was really hoping to hear these words "hey... since you found this, and ordered it already, we'll give you the advertised price." NOPE! nothing, i have heard nothing... no phone call, no email... i went online to their store to check my status of the order: CANCELLED. somehow that just seems wrong.... and sad.