Creek Stomping

My little man absolutely loves LOVES creek stompin'! Which is so fantastic, since I remember so well growing up stompin' with my sister in the creek near our house. We would catch salamanders, minnows, and even little crayfish. A while back, O and I were looking for something to do and stumbled upon Lloyd Park, just down the street from our house.

I just cant believe how much he has grown up and how he is making his personality his own. He has this sensitivity that really is showing up lately. Today I was watering the plants, standing on the porch ledge, safely but precariously, and O opens the front door and proceeds to tell me to get down "it's not safe for you to do that mommy." I was a bit taken back and asked "why? Am I making you nervous?" He says yes and goes on about how I could fall and hurt myself and that "daddy would NOT want you to be up there!" I've always pictured myself having boys and them protecting me. I guess its starting, and I love it!