Dear Boys {Denver Letter 1}

Dear Boys {Denver Letter 1}

It has been forever and ever and ever since I've even attempted writing a letter to my boys. In fact, I looked back and found an old draft that was only 3 sentences when Finn was just 2 months old. LAME I say! So, here goes nothing....

Dear Boys, You are both my pride and joy. Since we've moved here you both have been incredibly adaptable and it has been so fun sharing in this adventure with you two. The hikes we have taken are hard and will continue to be challenging for us as a family, but you both rise to the occasion - every time. Lake Isabelle is one of the most beautiful spots we have found here in CO, and I am so thankful that you both enjoy it as much as we do. Our hikes there have been extremely memorable: first hiking to the lake and the top of the waterfall, next bringing Melinda and getting to the glacier and seeing an elk off the trail, and lastly, trekking with our dear friends, Steve and Greg, and going up over the small glaciers and seeing Lake Isabelle Glacier (our next destination!). In fact, Owen, your one request for losing your next tooth is to hike 10mi! Your crazy, boy! We've made it up to 8mi, a distance I never thought possible for you both, but you boys continue to amaze me.

Our weekdays are filled with resting up and getting to know Denver. Its hot, so much of our time is spent hanging at the house, hitting up the aquarium, or visiting REI for the millionth time. Lets just say, our dividends are adding up quite nicely! I'm working hard at keeping us occupied, but we truly look forward to the weekend when we get to hang with daddy and head up into the mountains. It refreshes my soul and it seems as though you both enjoy the drives as well.

Finn, my little McMissle, that is exactly what you are! A missile, full of spunk, one who never deviates from your agenda or mission. I wouldn't necessarily call it stubbornness - lets just say you have lots of passion. Most of the time you are laid back and content with whatever is going on, but when you are ready for something, you are READY! The love for your brother is riddled with nudginess and poking him in the eye.

Owen, you are growing into such a little man, taking such great care for your brother. There are times when you nudge him, but he gives it right back - and I love it. I love everything about you and though there are times when you can be pushy, I remind myself that you are only 6yrs. 6yrs and you are up to hiking 8mi.... you are amazing. When we hike back down and see other kids on the trail resting, I just want to say to their parents, "So... how far did you all get? Cause my kid, yea, him... he hiked up to the glacier... without complaining, without tears... so... how bout you? Where did you all get to???" My heart bursts with pride for you.

Photo by Greg Lusby

This year in Denver is going to fly by, and I want us to make the most of it as a family. I pray that God continues to grow us closer to one another and towards Him. I want you boys to be happy here and feel content with the way we are functioning as a family. I love that our pace is so much slower here and I am enjoying all the time that we are spending just being together.

Love, Mama