Denver 2015 - Lake Isabelle

Yesterday I got up early and went on a nice 7mi hike with my bro and his friend Eric. We had a blast and went further into Lake Isabelle than I've ever been before. Brian and the boys stayed in Denver and hung out at lower elevation (5,000ft). 

The hike was amazing. We had perfect weather; started off nice and cool and warmed up nicely with the sun coming up. There was just 1 spot left in the the upper parking lot which allowed us to park right at the trail head, saving us another half mile walk down to a lower lot (we would thank that one spot over and over at the end of our hike). 

The sun was rising beautifully over the mountains and Long Lake. By the time we reached Lake Isabelle it was just 9am or so. We decided to keep going around the drained lake and look for better views and for some waterfalls from the glacier above. Yes, around late July, early August, "they" drain the lake. There is a giant plug in the middle, and they just pull it. 

Just kidding.... seriously, I have no idea how "they" drain a lake, but I'm guessing it's in preparation for winter snow and then spring melt. If anyone can enlighten me.....

Oh, and it seriously hailed the last half mile back to the car. Yep, good ole' hail. No raincoat.

For scale purpose, I just wanted to show how tiny Eric is against this mountain backdrop. I just cropped the shot on the left so you could actually see that he really is there!