this past weekend the brownstone clan flew into sunny orlando to spend time enjoying one anothers company as well as enjoy disney world and all it has to offer. which is a lot. we were constantly on the go, except when we were waiting in line for rides, which was a lot. having owen with us was definitely the highlight though.

the last time i had the disney experience was probably 7 or 8 years ago, for one of my parents' anniversaries. i think brian's last time was almost 20 years ago... now THAT is crazy. i do remember that i felt too old for disney at that time, but this trip was totally different. we went on every kiddie ride that had a wait time of 20 minutes or less, including 'it's a small world' , and yes the song was stuck in my head all afternoon.

owen was a trooper though. we made it through the weekend with minimal meltdowns, and as long as there was a boat ride available near the meltdowns, we were good. sunday night brian and owen rode the indoor mexican singing los caberos, or something like that, three times in a row because dinner just wasnt happening for owen. we had a great time and it was really cool to see disney through owens eyes.