by far, this is my absolute favorite blog. Dooce. i would love to write with such freedom and creativity. give snippits of my day with such humor. only problem, i'm a mom with a 5 month old who cant remember what happened an hour ago. seriously, do not ask me what happened last night or what i did, cause i do not remember. my only thoughts are when did owen eat last, did he poop today, and lord god almighty when is he going to nap! i guess that's why so many older moms push the babywise book on you... there are no more questions of when, just drill sergeant like routines, where somehow everyone is supposed to be happy.

UPDATE: as of 12pm today i have already failed in remembering the fact that i was supposed to meet up with sue at peace of pizza.... my sister called around 11am and asked what i was doing for lunch, and of course my brain said 'nada, nothing, wanna go to peace of pizza??' so went around 11:30am... and sue walks in around 12:15... and of course i think 'oh! what a surprise!' and she says "hey, sorry i'm late.... oh, looks like you've already eaten.... " and i say... "ahhhh, ooooohhhh.... oops! i totally forgot." well... my sister and i had a great lunch... and maggie moos... except the little boy that she nannies had extra yellow marshmellow with gummy bears and marshmellows mixed in. it turned to yellow soup after 5min and the bears were drowning. so sad..... and gross.