Garden of the Gods

On Saturday, despite the looming clouds overhead, we drove down to Colorado Springs and visited Garden of the Gods. It was pretty cool, seeing red sandstone jut up out of nowhere. Thunder boomed in the background and since no one else was running for cover we decided to hike up to one lookout and sit on top of the rocks. It was an amazing view of the surrounding mountains. Owen scrambles up the rocks like a pro, and of course little brother wants to follow suit. He wanted nothing to do with holding our hands for safety and in the end he took a few tumbles, but didn't cry at all. Even though a lot of the rock area was fenced off, if you have a permit and are well versed in rock climbing you can actually climb routes that have been laid out. It was fascinating watching the climbers scale some of these faces. It was fairly hot.... so I can't wait to visit these places in the fall!

The Kissing Camels - Garden of the Gods