hello from Maine

Being here makes me realize how much I miss when i'm caught up in the busyness of life back at home. Some days I am out of the house before Owen awakes and I arrive back home after he has fallen asleep. Sometimes Lindsay and I barely have time for a real conversation. But not here! Days are spent playing with Owen on a blanket in the yard. Or going for a drive with Lindsay and talking about our house, Owen, or things we're learning about God (imagine that!). And so I wonder, how important is all that stuff that makes me miss out on time with my family? I'm sure these are thoughts everyone has when they take a vacation. I'm also sure that most people go home after a week or two and nothing at all changes about their busy lives. May it be different for us this time, I pray.

Lindsay atop Mt. Washington. (ok we drove up :)
Owen and dad on the Rockland breakwater.