Hike to Blue Lake

Yesterday was another beautiful day! We drove back to Brainard Recreation Area in the Roosevelt National Park and decided to hike on the other side of the ridge from Lake Isabelle, hoping for some similarly amazing views. The hike started at the same elevation and we arrived at Mitchell Lake after .9mi of fairly easy uphill hiking. From there though, the terrain became rocky and a bit of a leg burner. After another 600ft in elevation gain we arrived at our prize. A beautiful pristine, incredibly deep looking Blue Lake. The views were amazing, but at times a bit worrisome - a strong thunderstorm was developing as we were climbing. Both Brian and I were silently evaluating were we would take cover should the sky open up on us. Even though dark clouds loomed overhead we never saw lightning, but the thunder sure did echo loudly off the mountain range! It was quite a bit of a hike for O though, just under 6mi round trip - we realized that when he doesn't drink enough water the car ride home is painful, stomach cramping all the way. So, we are now requiring him to carry his own water.

Just about every shot taken with Fuji x100