His favorite spot

The little peanut likes to sleep on our chests. That's his favorite spot. And this brings me one of the most wonderful feelings I've ever felt. We'll put him there, rub his back, kiss his head and pretty soon he's down for the count.

A week and a half ago I didnt really think this outfit was cute. I mean, it just wasnt something i thought about or paid attention to. Well... i am a new man. A dad. And I think i took about 20 pictures of Owen in this outfit when he wore it a few days ago. Oh my.

He doesnt really smile yet, but he gets real close. He's so aware. He opens his big dark eyes nice and wide and looks all around. I love it when he looks at me. Like a little angel that seems to peer right into my soul. Sounds silly, i know. But i'm pretty silly these days.