home again, home again

so i'm home and i feel alot better, except i have 4 little time bombs waiting to explode. it's so good to be with my son, i sure did miss him alot. i was so afraid that he would do a first-time something and i would miss it.... ya know, like talking, walking, ect. he is advanced for his age. so when brian and i went to my parents to pick him up on sunday i got myself all excited about what his face would look like when he saw me. i thought to myself 'yep... i'm sure he missed me, he's gonna be really happy and smile and love me and of course throw out his arms and say "mom"!' what he actually did was just stared over me, around me, basically right through me, and when he did make eye contact it was like "who the heck are you!?" i was disappointed, but what did i really expect after pawning him off on a few families (thank you, thank you) over 5 days. but, the past few days have gotten us back to our normal routine. yes, waking up at 6am is great! ugh. as owen is getting older (4 months in 2 weeks!) he is mostly out of his all out 'screaming in the morning i'm awake come get me' stage... now he talks to his mobile with the occasional 'i'm here, come get me' scream. it's pretty funny and b and i just laugh.