This day wasn't supposed to come so quickly. As much as I am looking forward to the time being spent with just Finn, I really am going to miss O and our morning routine. It really doesn't consist of much, but it's just us hanging out while Finny is snoozing. I asked him if he was excited and what he wanted to learn. His answer was: READ! And I'm so excited, cause I cant wait for him to read by himself and fall into the worlds that stories can offer. I am sure that I will find things to occupy myself with... organizing and cleaning, running, laundry... I can think of a million things. But the house is too quiet this morning, too empty without his racing feet, a billion questions and loud announcements about everything under the sun.

(All photos taken one handed, shooting from my hip, with an almost 1YO grabbing helping hold the strap while trying to push the button.)