Kitale, Kenya

After 24hrs of travel we arrived in Kitale, Kenya. Faith Wise, Melinda Snow, and I have finished our first day.... and we are exhausted. Jet lag, as well as playing with street boys and the girls at the Neema Project have worn us out for the day! This place is amazing and one that I really want everyone to be involved with. Seriously. We have learned many stories and it is a shame that money is the hinderance to many great things that want to be done here. Meaning, if you having been wanting to support something great, a project that helps girls in need, this is the one to support! GO HERE: Mosaic Designs and click the DONATE NOW.

After spending time with the girls at Neema Project we traveled to meet up with a lady named Jo-an, who Faith and Melinda have worked with on previous trips. We met her at the school where she works and then walked her home. Along the way we met a group of boys carrying stalks. They were thrilled for us to stop and take photos!