last tuesday we returned from new orleans and 80 degree weather, to coldness.... and snow.... and coldness some more. we had a great trip and it was nice to visit family in one of our favorite cities. owen had a great time also and despite wanting to climb over the aiplane seats to poke our neighbors, the trip down and back was pretty uneventful. we were all so busy visiting the zoo, the park, walking the french quarter, eating beignets, and just tooling around the city that i dont think owen got to bed till 10pm every night. we tried eating our way through the city, but with so many options there is just no way that is possible. we visited the courtyard where we were married and we're pleasantly suprised that it had been turned into a cafe. and our trip was not complete without a walk down burbon street, where yes, it is much safer to just look straight ahead.
my aunt took us on a tour of lakeview. a once fairly wealthy neighborhood a few miles from their house. there is a constant sense of rebuilding. even though it has been 2 years since katrina there are still constant reminders of the devastation. i think living here up north we tend to move on with our daily lives and forget that there are people still living in trailers outside of their gutted homes. many live in FEMA trailer communities. these FEMA trailers are only about 20ft long. and i bet no one knows that people are getting sick from formaldehyde that are in them. i just dont get how something like this could happen here in the US.