we are here in michigan till monday... and we are having a great time. my grandmother is totally in love with owen. he can do no wrong and his screams are music to her ears, it means he's awake. which by the way, every morning he has woken up at 7am, and memee is waiting right outside our door. usually brian and i hang out with owen for about an hour after he gets up... but not here in MI... she grabs him right out of bed and takes him to feed him. it's great... i just go back to sleep. all memee wants to do is cuddle and love on owen. as i try to put owen down for his nap, she basically hangs onto him and is dragged up the steps after us saying "no... dont put him down.... no....." we are coming home monday, and i hope that our flight is less stressful than what is was when we came. yeah, nothing like a baby screaming bloody murder on a packed flight. i was that mother who every person hates. my sister came with us, especially to help me with owen while we fly.... but when he started screaming she plugged her ears with her fingers. ahhh, nothing like a high pitched scream to go along with the screaming of jet engines.