This weekend Meredith and I met at my Grandmother's house in MI to bury my dad. He died last October and we had actually been under the assumption that his ashes had been laid to rest some time ago. Of course, Mer and I decided that we needed to go and be with my grandmother right away. I only took a few photos, in fact this is all I have of this weekend. (I unintentionally wiped my phone two nights ago, so lost a lot of the photos, and video of my g'ma saying her last words to my dad, ugh.) But, Mer and I had a wonderful time visiting and being with my grandparents.

She had three pages of shorthand written to my dad and it took a bit of coaxing before she would allow me to photograph them. I assured her that there was no way I or anyone else for that matter could read what she had written. It still amazes me that she writes this way!