month 12

dear owen,
happy 1st birthday. i cannot believe that it has already been 1 year. in many ways this year has flown by. i remember sitting in our apartment with you on my chest, totally afraid of you. afraid of not doing a good job in raising you, not giving you my best, and just afraid that i might break you. well... it's been a year and you're still here. so i must not being too bad of a job. this year has definitely changed my life. people said that our lives would change and i really didnt understand them until now. i dont think anyone quite understands how a child impacts someone until they actually have one, same with being married and all the other major events in one's life. we've definitely gone through our ups and downs this year, but i honestly couldnt imagine life without you... ok, so when you're screaming in the grocery store... yea, it's crossed my mind. but your presence has changed me. i now try and slow down and enjoy our time together. people say that the first few years are the most crucial and go by the quickest. at first i didnt understand or believe them. this season has felt like it's lasted forever.... but wait... it's already been a year. they are right. you are growing quickly and becoming more and more independent each day.