month 18

dear owen,
today you are 18 months old. i havnt written a monthly update in a while, and today i'm actually getting to it the day of! that's what happens when i start my day 2 hrs before you get up.... it's quiet and i can think like a normal human being, without mommy brain.
these past few months have really gone by quick. we've already had vacation and you loved playing all day in nana's lake. you love saying nana's name, but popop is a bit unhappy that you dont even try to say his.
you've also realized this summer that you actually do enjoy the pool. last year it was like trying to put you into something so horrible that all you could do was scream your head off. now you put your head under and try to blow bubbles, it's very cute.

driving in the car has now become an interesting game of hide and seek. all of a sudden i will hear a muffled "mama?!" and when i turn around there you are with your blanket over your head. it's the funniest thing... and then i say "where's owen?" it's fun for about 30 seconds... then you get a bit carried away with the whole thing, the game could last the whole car ride.... i'm not sure how that's going to work for our trip to michigan.
we tried the elmo potty this past month.... and it was a failure. instead of pooping in the potty you decided that pooping on the cabin floor was so much more fun. thats cool, it was nana's carpet anyway.