Month 2

Dear Finn,
Boy, was your brother so concerned for you! I think you received 2 shots and O kept reassuring you "dont scream bloody gurder." He really loves you so much. I am so thankful that he takes such good care of you. He always wants to help and and is good at distracting you when it's your fussy time, which just so happens to be right when i'm trying to fix dinner. Your aunt beth told us of a miracle cure for this colicky fussy behavior, called Colic Calm. Only a mere $20 of insane greatness! Honestly, we used it for a week, and it has turned our fuss head, drama queen *according to the nurses at the hospital*, into such a pleasant infant. You are getting so big already! You weigh 12lbs, you little chunker. As much as I cant wait for you to become more mobile, I am praying that I enjoy this time and I know that God has blessed us with you.