dear owen,
today you are 20 months old. time flies as they say, since the last time i wrote you were 18 months. you are growing so fast and becoming such a fascinating little guy. you walk weird, you say silly things, and best of all you are completely happy.

this past week you have also started waking up at 5am, calling 'mama' and patting your diaper, letting me know that you need to be changed. i really dont understand why you cant wait till 8am for that, but i guess it's possibly a step in potty training. and maybe you would go on the potty if i didnt throw the pillow over my head trying to muffle out the mama cry for 30min.

you are the absolute cutest though and your grin always makes me smile. today i found the best toy for you though, and it didnt cost a thing. the other week you watched me dismantle our back storm door with a screwdriver and every time you see it, you just want to play with it. so today as i was cleaning the kitchen, i opened the back door and gave it to you. a REAL screwdriver. i think you spent over 30min trying to "fix" the door. it was great, i got a ton done. then you started running with it, and we all know that since you cant run with scissors, you definitely cant run with screwdrivers.

God really did know what he was doing when he paired us up. it is such an incredible thought, thinking that such a great God would touch our lives so personally in giving us you.

love, mama