dear owen,
i really have been lazy the past few months in trying to write you a monthly letter, but i'm going to try and turn over a new leaf. this past week as we were playing in the basement, i came across your dada's baby book and i was so incredibly impressed with the fact that your nana wrote down everything significant about your dada's growth and development and just anything in particular. i guess with having a blog, and chronicling our lives even before you were born, this is your baby book.... so i promise to do better.
this past month as you have made so many strides in becoming who God made you. we lost someone very special to us who would have enjoyed every moment in seeing you grow. you remember memee very specifically and you pray for her every night, saying "memee sleepy with jesus." and it makes me sad, but so very happy that you remember her and still ask for her. she would be thrilled to know that you know who she is.
your mer mer has become very special to me this past month, and she is your favorite person. we went running with mer mer once and the entire time you encouraged her by saying "mer mer run... mer mer fast." for 2 miles you said this over and over. when we were over hanging with bubba you saw a diet coke sitting on the table and pointed at it and said "mer mer, picy (spicy)" (because according to you, soda is spicy). it amazed me that you could take an object and associate it with someone.
we've got a new routine now and we are learning about each other more and more. you are growing so quickly and have many favorite words, like, dumb and fart, and butt and boogie, and today you said crap, oops. but i think mer mer taught you dumb. oh, and you sing jesus loves me... so at least sunday school is paying off.