Month 3

Dear Finn,
You are 3 months! We made it! You truly are the happiest baby, and it is so refreshing and wonderful. Things are becoming easier and I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel in regards to you sleeping through the night. Our routine right now is pretty crazy, getting your brother to school and timing naps in your crib, I'm still trying to figure is all out. You sleep so well in your car seat and I guess for right now I just need to be ok with that.

Mornings are getting better, though you still wake up crying, ready for your bottle and someone to be with. You really like being around, in the mix of all the action. It's as if you are afraid that you will miss something if you close your eyes. As soon as you are fed, we come downstairs with Owen and you sit in your swing and just watch your brother or whatever is on tv. Many times you end up falling asleep in the swing and I'm able to get a few things done before the morning is up.

Owen loves you so much! He is constantly saying how great you are and how he thinks you are the best thing. You are always staring at him and when you hear his voice, you quickly turn your head to try and find him.