dear owen,
this month has brought some big changes for you. a change in schedule is never easy, but you are adjusting so well. i went back to coaching soccer for the fall, and the past two weeks have been filled with having a babysitter and having nap time earlier and then cut into, never fun. that time is over though, now you have me most of all day. we've also started biking alot together this month, and this past sunday you just wanted daddy to take you. i kinda felt left out, but i'm realizing that you need that alone time with daddy, and he needs it with you. i cleaned the whole house while you two were gone, and the moment you stepped back into it you went for the toy box and started pulling everything out again. you love being home these days, probably due to the fact that you think we're going to take you on a 12 hour car trip. we've had too many of those trips this summer. last night we went to pick up nana from the airport and the whole way you said "we go on trip now?" you still ask to go to disney world everyday, so traveling isnt completely out of your blood yet. plus, mama has a few things up her sleeves for us to travel too, so get ready for an exciting next year. God truly has blessed us by you. i'm seeing so many changes in you over the past few months and it's hard keeping up with you. i love you.
love, mama