dear owen,
i hope that when you look back on these letters, you will forgive me for missing months in between. life is busy and one day you will realize there is only so much time in the day. it seems that right now our life is go, go, go. i think we've been going so much that i've self consciously deemed one day a week to be a home day. which is tough for both of us. they usually become movie days, or playing with your street carpet with all your cars, which incidentally i counted the other day and you have 63. i guess i shouldnt be surprised because whenever we go to target or wegmans, or really anywhere they have matchbox/hotwheel cars, we grab a couple, each time. it adds up. but you love them and they keep you occupied for approximately 10min before you call me over to play with you, and then we build garages and houses for the cars out of the blocks bubba got you. well, i build and then you crash into them. fun for you, a bit frustrating for me.

soccer ended this month, and i'm so thankful that we now have the whole day together, but i do miss it, a bit. but that meant that we started potty training, and in 1 day you were potty trained. it was amazing and i was impressed. good job son. every time you go you say, "can you believe it mommy!" and i say, "nope! i cant believe it!"

the holidays are just around the corner, and today we were at the mall and you wanted to see santa. i think he was on his lunch break, but we'll have to go back. everyday you keep asking if it's snowing and you put on your hat, scarf, jacket and boots before you're even out of your pajamas, wanting to go outside. and everyday you ask if it's almost christmas time. this year is going to be different without memee. but God is good, and i keep reminding myself of that.