Dear Owen,
Today you are 39 months old and seriously the cutest kid I know. I am proud to call you mine. This month has flown by and it truly is amazing how much you've grown. You are out of your size 2 jeans, but the 3's are a bit too big, so you run around with your one hand constantly pulling up the back of your pants. You dont mind really, until they fall down to your ankles, pulling you down with them.

The weather is finally changing and so is the mood in the house. Spring brings out the best in us. You love playing outside with the girls next door. Even at 7am your already asking to go outside to play. This month we brought your drum set downstairs when rick came over to practice with daddy. He taught you a few new beats, so now every morning you tell me that you need to practice, and off you go playing exactly what rick taught you. We actually had to get you a new drum head because you were playing so hard and poked your stick right through it.

You also read your first word, other than your name, and your daddy was a proud man at that moment. You read everything and most of the time you tell me that it says "DO NOT TOUCH!" and you yell it, just like that. I'm really enjoying this moment in time that we have, experiencing the same old things thru your eyes. Its so fun and priceless. I absolutely am in love with your sense of humor and the way you see life. In many ways I feel rejuvinated by you.

I love you,