month 5.5

dear owen.
you are growing so fast these days. all of a sudden you can roll over (yes, still by being "tricked" into it) and eat bananas and prunes. i'm not too into the prunes, you get stinky poo from them, but you seem to love them. i cant believe that you absolutely love to bounce in your jumper. today we were over at the new house, working on fixing it up, and all you wanted to do was go up and down, up and down. i think you were content for an hour or so. you do a few warmup jumps and then off you go! you're still working on trying to sit up, but i think that will come very soon. dont be frustrated. you love dogs... which i'm very happy about... means we will be able to get one, just dont tell your daddy... we'll just bring it home one day. but, you laugh and laugh when you see a dog, you stick your hand out there to be licked, and then stick it in your mouth... which i'm sorry, but thats gross... thank goodness we're not germ freaks.

i hope you dont get a complex, but your nickname nowadays is "Michelin", cause of your arms... i think your arms look more like the marshmallow man from Ghostbusters. when you're older we'll watch it together, it's not too scary and it's one of my favorites, along with goonies and dirty dancing, which your daddy doesnt like. you can watch amelie with him.... when you're much older. but, the first person who called you michelin was ryan uhler... he loves you so much. everytime we go over there, he holds you and walks you around the yard. i'm sure you both talk up a storm!

speaking of talking... you talk so much more lately, especially to babies your size. aunt missy and aubrey came over and all you did was laugh and talk to aubrey, very loudly... you were being a bit forward, trying to grab her face and all. next week we are going to travel to michigan for the first time since you were born. we're going to fly and aunt mer mer is coming with us. memee is getting everything ready and is so excited to see you again.

your daddy was holding you the other night and i was sitting there looking at you looking at me, and i was thanking God for you. i was wondering how the Lord is going to use you in this life. what great things He is going to call you to do. i pray that you hear Him and follow His ways.
love, mama