month 8

dear owen,
you are 8 months old, 3 days ago. i know i say this alot, but you are growing up so fast. everytime i turn around you are doing something new. it's amazing watching you explore your surroundings. in our living room we have a big carpet that you play on. you sit there and we surround you with your toys. i think we might put to many toys around you, cause the things that interest you the most are pillows and shoes. you love to climb over anything. i've never felt more house dirty than now, as you army crawl to the hardwood floors and pick the dirt out of the cracks.

your new talent is smacking your lips when youre hungry. it's the funniest and cutest thing. you just look up at me and it's as if youre saying "geeze mom, i'm starving! cant you tell!" we play this game now when youre eating. as i'm at the kitchen sink cleaning everything up, i look back at you and you just laugh. i dont make any funny faces or noises, you just laugh.

you also love to bounce in your bouncy thingy that hangs from the doorway. it's a great piece of equipment! and i cant tell you how many times youve pooped in it. yes that's right, it's become your new poopy chair. it used to be the excersaucer, but now its the bouncy chair. which, by the way... it squishes things... squishes it right out. many times i wish that you would have choosen a different spot to 'get comfortable' in. but hey, to each his own.

i love it that when we go out we have a blast. in fact, you are much happier when we are on the go. when we are out and around people you actually yell at them if they are not looking at you. and then when they do turn around to see what that screeching noise was, you give them the biggest smile.
your other new thing is not going down as easily for naps and bedtime. not really sure what the deal is, but i pray that we get that under control! i love you tons, more than anything... but mommy does need her time alone.

mama (which you still have yet to say.... come on boy, you dont want to ride the short bus!)