Mt. Evans {Day Trip}

Today we packed our day with mountain biking with the kids and then ended the day with a drive up Mt. Evans. It was probably the most beautiful drive I have ever been on. We learned lots of fun facts, thanks to the park map.... did you know it's the highest road in the United States, ending at 14,110ft (or close to it). All I know is that it's the highest I've ever been... and it was FREEZING! 50 degrees at the top, and we're all in shorts. This trip taught me that it is important to have an extra bag of warm clothes in the car, just in case! Oh, and at 14er's (as they are referred to), you cant breathe right. It didn't seem to affect O though! He was having a blast trying to get as close as he could to the families of mountain goats!

This is Summit Lake at 12,000ft (or so).... a lake created from snow melt. Unbelievable.