my lindsay

Not long after we got engaged, our friend Karen sat me down and asked... "Brian, why do you love Lindsay?" At that point Linds and I had been dating for about a year and half ... a full six months longer than the mandatory 1 year (thanks mom) ... and I think I did ok answering the question. But now, after 3 years married to this wonderful person, there are so many more things I love about my Lindsay. I love when she texts me "come home ... we miss you!" in the middle of the day. I love her endless search for the perfect antique. I love the courage and strength she displayed in childbirth and the same courage and strength she now displays in motherhood. I love when she cooks dinner. When she says "let's go for a ride." When she insists that we pray together. I love the sight of her pretty face buried in a book. I love listening to music with her. I love traveling with her. I love that she never tries to be someone she's not. I love her ems jackets, her sweatshirts, her keens. Even her blue slides. I love her sophisticated taste. I love her art. I love that we can ride in the car, no destination, no words ... just the ipod on shuffle ... and be perfectly content. I love her hopes for the future, and that she shares them with me every once in a while. I love that she finds great beauty in an old stone farmhouse. I love watching her play with Owen. I love listening to her read him a book. I love it when she tells me how beautiful she thinks he is. I love singing "Oh Owen!" duets with her in the car to calm him down. I love that she loves The Fire Theft. I love when she sings along to "Heaven" and the smile she gets when she hears that song begin. I love her gentle spirit. I love her honest critique. I love that she'll drive 4 hours for a short walk on the beach a slice of Mack & Manco's. I could go on ... happy anniversary my love.