my mom

my mom went home with the lord this past sunday afternoon. she had been battling lung cancer for just over a year. as i sit here thinking of what i want to write, i am flooded with different emotions, deep sadness over knowing that i wont receive her daily phone calls, losing my number one fan, missing her sunday 'comfort food' lunches, not getting leftovers in gallon size baggies, not seeing her smile when owen says 'memee', hearing my sister call her mama dukes, joining her for shopping on saturday mornings, and and so much more that made my mom who she was. but, there is also a sense of great joy, knowing that she is home. at this moment she is in the presence of the lord. there is no pain and no sorrow, no suffering, only pure joy. and for that i am truly happy. this saturday we will be celebrating my moms life at CFC at 6pm. we will cry together and laugh together as we share in each others memories of my mom. please join us.