naps, sippys, real food {and NO BOTTLES ALLOWED!}

Today marked a day that has been a long time coming. Now I actually didn't necessarily prepare for this, it sort of just happened. We've been struggling lately, Finn and I. I have high hopes for him to be laid back, always pleasant, and to start waking up from his naps happy. That last one is actually first on my list and the one that I am at a loss with. There might be 1 out of a million times he wakes up that he is actually happy and babbling. I've tried everything, except what works.... any advice out there?? So... as I was thinking through our days, I realized that maybe he might just not be getting enough to eat, enough formula - yes, enough food - no. He loves bottles and hasn't like food... until today. I decided no bottle and only food and milk. And guess what.... he has eaten everything that I've put in front of him, and honestly has not fussed any more than usual (has he missed his bottle?? beats me). The hardest part of being a mom is just not knowing what your child wants/needs. Who knows if Finny will catch on and wake up happy consistently, but I do know that today was freeing and I actually cried this morning thanking the Lord.

UPDATE: Bottle back, at least for afternoon nap and bedtime.... I tried, and I'll try again tomorrow. But we did eliminate morning bottle!