i cant believe that it's been almost a month, shy of one week, since we have last posted. i know its bad when my dad said to us the other night, "look guys, i'm sick and tired of looking at the love post, i'm boycotting your blog until you update." so, in thinking of my dads well being, i am posting.

so lets see.... christmas.... seems so long ago. we had a great time celebrating at my parents house with my sister and her husband, my brother, and my grandparents. we then headed out to celebrate with brians family that evening. we had a wonderful time and it was just great being all together. my grandparents bought owen a drum set... yes, i am crazy to have put that on his list. but every morning when we come downstairs he yells 'numb', for drum. very cute.... and we turn on a music video and he drums along. thank goodness it doesnt last all day, just long enough for me to clean things up and do some laundry.

owen got sick again this year... which leads me to our next event... the weekend after christmas, RADIATE 07, which owen and i did not attend. major big bummer for me. brian and the guys led worship at a conference for 5 days in D.C., which you can read more about at the lusby blog. i was pretty sad over the whole thing, but.... the xbox 360 made up for being lonely, especially since tyler came over just about every night to play, but i truly missed being with everyone.

so.... we are now getting back into the swing of being at home, with nothing major going on in the next few weeks and i am really looking forward to that.... oh wait....

if you have nothing to do... or even if you do, cancel, and come out to johnny brenda's!