no sippys in africa?

this morning was pretty hectic. we were up at the crack of dawn, amazingly before even owen was up. i always hate it when i have to stir a sleeping baby, but i decided to go with brian and steve to WEC, not even sure what that stands for, but they were leading worship at 8:30am for the WEC Conference this morning. basically its a compound where missionaries on furlough come to live. so, owen and i decided to tag along. we arrived a little after 7am and that's when i realized i forgot the diapers. what mom in their right mind forgets diapers. you can forget toys, extra clothes, even wipes... but dont forget the food or diapers! so we ran out and found an acme... no problem, just a bit of extra flexibility. as brian and steve were busy setting up, i set up camp with owen. he was getting a bit fussy (hungry fussy) so i took care of that with bananas and pears, pulled out the sippy cup, got out the blanket to lay on the floor, dispersed all the toys we brought, and sat owen down on our beautiful space. i was busy watching owen and just sitting there noticing all the people coming in, and in general just enjoying the time. it was a "post-modern" worship time, the had already done latino, korean, and were gearing up for african and what not for the rest of the week, so that's why were were there. giving them a little taste... haha. anyway.... so they had candles set up too and a gentleman was walking around lighting them. well he makes his way over to our little space and starts lighting the candles on the table next to us. i'm playing with owen and look over at the guy, smile, then look down at what he is actually trying to light. folks, he is honestly trying to light the sippy cup! the flame is on the sippy cup... it's melting the sipper part... he is TRYING TO LIGHT THE SIPPY CUP! who does that! well... let me tell you, after i inform him that the cup was not a candle he is obviously a bit embarrased and walks away. as he is walking away a lady sits down next to me.

"oh, that's so-and-so, he just returned from africa..."
ahh... ok... i think.
"he was there for 38 years."
i would say that does explain it.

for your viewing pleasure: our baby looks like a boy