...fill in the blank for me... dont you just hate it when you get this great idea and it just goes down the tubes? a few posts ago i put up for sale our d50 and all our lenses and accessories, in the hopes of being able to upgrade. yesterday afternoon i pulled everything out, started organizing the equipment, getting it cleaned, ect. i went outside for a moment to water the plants, they were looking a little wilty, and noticed how incredibly beautiful our roses were looking. which is a feat in itself, that i think is due to the fact that we have major wasps flying around our yard, the wasps eat the bugs that have been destroying my roses. anyway, i decided to grab the 70-300 macro lens and take some photos. got all hooked up and my camera crapped out on me. i got the ERR message. the mirror locks up and it wont shoot. i pull out the trusty d50 manual, locate what to do in the event of ERR, and it says : SEND TO NIKON REPAIR IMMEDIATELY, THIS THING IS ABOUT TO EXPLODE. actually it doesnt say explode, that's just what i felt like. so down comes the ebay listing and out goes the camera to NY to the Nikon Repair place. not sure what the turn around time is for something like an ERR message.... bummer.