Reading while walking...

Reading while walking...

Praise the Lord God Almighty!

Ok, so seriously, for this kid to have a book in his hand, that he is actually interested in, and reading it, is quite a feat! And, walking and reading.... woah, woah, woah.... who is this child!!!

We have been working so hard with O to get him caught up for the crazy requirements that his school has. Lets just say Denver Public School was fun, but not too informative in the reading department. He finally, finally has found a book that is challenging, yet just right for him. I'm so proud of his hard work these past few months! I want him to love reading, the way my sister and I love to read. Each night, growing up, we would curl up in our beds with a book. So many adventures and stories to get lost in. It's still one of my favorite things to do and I pray that he finds the joy and adventures that I found as a child!