i never grew up going to the beach. it just wasnt one of our family vacations. we always went to michigan to visit my grandparents, and from there we would spend 1 day at lake michigan. i'm not saying this with any resentment towards my parents at all, that was just our family vacation. but, alot of people i know grew up at the shore during the summers. it's not that i want owen to spend his summers living at a beach house, but i definitly want him to experience the ocean, the boardwalk, and sand. so, on saturday i decided that we should take owen to the shore. we invited the manni's along and we all had a blast.

i couldnt believe how much he enjoyed being on the beach. it was a bit chilly and windy, but he didnt mind swimming in that sand at all. i put a onesie on him thinking that it would help keep the sand out of his diaper, but i still ended up having to bath him in the bathroom sink on the boardwalk. nothing like having absolute strangers stare at you like your nuts, but who wants a miserable kid walking around with sand in their pants. not me. owen had a great time and i cant wait for trips to the shore this summer!