so for the past month or so, maybe longer, i have not been able to have my "detox from life" shower. it is one of those things, and my sister can attest to it also, that i have always used as a de-stresser. jumping in a hot shower... i just feel the grime of the day, the two year olds wants and need, just flowing down the drain. it's my time... my 10 min, since that is all the time the hot water runs, that i have solitude. well, besides naptime, which really isnt restful since i'm thinking of all the laundry and all the dishes piling up. anyway.... every morning my time has been including a 3ft two year old yelling ' i nene... mama nene... ' owen has refused to take a bath. there has been yelling, screaming, butt clenching, red faced, pure toddler refusal in getting in the tub.... until today! this morning he took a bath. mind you, it was of course after our shower, and the water was absolutely fridged, but there were bubbles and toys and soap.... and lots of splashing. oh... and the reason owen will not take bathes.... he poo'ed in the tub... a month ago... once. hopefully he has know forgotten that traumatic event and we can move on to being clean.