Yesterday we took the boys for a sweltering in the humidity hike/bike at Brandywine Creek State Park. I had Finn in the backpack and we convinced Owen that he would really enjoy riding his bike. He has never ridden trails before and I was a bit nervous, not that he would get hurt, but that he would get frustrated if he had to keep getting on and off his bike if he couldnt pedal. No clip-ins here, I wonder if they even make them for kids?!

He was awesome! I was one proud mama. It took some coaxing to get him to actually ride down this decline and keep pedaling. And these photos are actually from his third try. He was so excited that he did it! One of the things I love most about Owen is he'll try anything. I might have to show him how its done, but he'll eventually try.... like the radishes we bought for our salad last week - tried them, didnt like them... but the point is, he tried!

Later that night after B put him to bed, I was walking past his room and he called me in to pray with him. Sitting on his bed with my hand on his back, just after saying "amen", he asked me if the next time we go mountain biking... "can someone ride with me?" Just the words I've been waiting for! So this week I'm grabbing a babysitter for the 9MO and me and my 5YO are hitting the trails! Anyone want to join us?!?