thank you

for being our worship leader
for the hard work you put into it for so many years
for inspiring us to sing and dance
for teaching us new songs
for being authentic every week
for learning how to play each chord the best way
for never being ok with being out of tune
for your humble spirit
for sharing the stage with me
for preferring that the spotlights not shine on you
for striving for excellence
for encouraging me
for sharing a chef's choice with ham and green peppers
for the awkward closing moments
for singing the melody
for being a great leader
for considering our opinions valuable
for letting me write songs with you
for letting the music speak for itself
for being transparent and vulnerable with us
for hating the idea of going through the motions
for doing the set lists
for setting up the sound system
for setting a new standard
for tuesday nights
for sunday afternoons
for allowing yourself to be led by the Spirit
for taking requests
for playing until your fingers hurt
for helping us see God
for finishing well
for being our worship leader

i love you buddy
you are an amazing person
we cannot thank you enough
for everything you have been
and will continue to be

well done my friend